The life of Barry Harris through stories as told by family and friends



Barry put as much into his own life as it would take most of us many life times to accomplish. He was loved and respected by many family and friends. He was a strong, unbiased man who had to make tough decisions, but also helped many people make something of there own lives.

This website will give you the opportunity to pay your respects to Barry by sharing your stories or quotes related to him. We hope these stories will help keep the memory of Barry alive, and perhaps allow us all to learn more about him.

Quote from Barry’s mother in-law Marie:

“ We have lost our darling Barry. I will never forget him. I could cry a river of tears. At least we still have Michael & Martin.”

Quote from Eulogy given by John, Barry’s brother in-law:

“ Barry once told me, it was a sign of respect to wear a tie at a wedding. Well if this is the benchmark for the measure of respect one person has for another, then today I should be wearing a million ties.”


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