Pedigree of Lister Hartley

(27/09/1822 - 00/00/1875)

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John Hartley
Born: 00/00/1710 at Gateshouse, Yorkshire
Died: 00/00/1763
William Hartley
Born: 03/05/1746 at Barley Green, Lancashire
Died: 25/07/1808
William Hartley
Born: 09/04/1789 at Malham, England
Died: 29/09/1848
James Robinson
Born: 00/10/1701
Died: 10/04/1784
Mary Robinson
Born: 04/07/1749
Died: 20/02/1822
Margaret (Robinson)
Born: at Colne, Lancashire
Lister Hartley
Born: 27/09/1822 at Whalley, Lancashire, England
Died: 00/00/1875
Robert Lister Jnr
Born: 00/00/1731 at Sutton, Kildwick, Yorkshire, England
Christopher Lister
Born: 29/05/1757 at Bradley, Kildwick, Yorkshire, England
Died: 13/09/1820
Ann (unknown)
Born: 00/00/1734 at Kildwick, Yorkshire, England
Died: 08/06/1767
Christiana Lister
Born: 27/01/1791 at Colne, Lancashire, England
Died: 00/00/1859
Ann (unknown)
Born: 00/00/1761 at Colne, Lancaster, England