William Hartley

(09/04/1789 - 29/09/1848)

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Born: 09/04/1789 at Malham, England Certified Father: William Hartley (03/05/1746 - 25/07/1808)
Died: 29/09/1848 Certified Mother: Mary Robinson (04/07/1749 - 20/02/1822)
Children: Mary Ann Hartley (12/08/1812 - 00/10/1813)
Elizabeth Robinson Hartley (00/00/1814 - 29/01/1815)
Robert Hartley Rev. (08/03/1817 - 25/05/1892)
Lister Hartley (27/09/1822 - 00/00/1875)
John Hartley (13/07/1825 - 27/01/1892)
Richard William Hartley (Born 02/09/1832)
Siblings: Susan Hartley (Died 09/09/1821)
John Hartley (15/06/1772 - 11/03/1848)
Robert Hartley (20/10/1773 - 29/05/1794)
James Hartley (12/03/1776 - 08/03/1831)
Richard Hartley (27/03/1777 - 31/08/1832)
Peggy Hartley (05/09/1779 - 13/12/1779)
Peter Hartley (05/09/1781 - 01/08/1848)
Margaret "Peggy" Hartley (09/12/1782 - 06/03/1844)
Elijah Hartley (26/01/1788 - 16/05/1788)

Christiana Lister on 21/11/1811 at St Bartholomews Parish Church, Colne, Lancashire Certified


Baptised in Kirby. (Thanks Viv for that bit of info!)

Occupation in England: Schoolmaster in Colne and a city missionary. He was a preacher at Barrowfield in the 1830's

He was a man of considerable ability, great religious fervour and moral passion. He was a Wesleyan local precher, but later joined the Primitive Methodists. He was urged to join the ministry but declined. At a later period he regretted his refusal and vowed that if he had a son, he would dedicate him to the service of God. At his son Robert's birth that vow was renewed and it was with the boy almost as with the prophet Samuel; for very early in life he took part in Church work.

Later in life William became a missionary in the Isle of Man. He died during an epidemic of fever which claimed him as it's victim, as with self-effacing devotion he ministered to the needs of others.
Buried: St Georges, Douglas, Isle of Man

(Birth date and location, Death of death, Burial location and parent's names courtesy of Gordon Hartley)

1841 Census, Colne Lane, Colne:
William Hartley, Age: 52, Occupation: Schoolmaster, Not born in same county.
Christiana Hartley, Age: 49, was born in same county.
John Hartley, Age 17, was born in same county
Richard Hartley, Age 8, was born in same county

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