Stewart Williamson Hartley

(00/00/1850 - 25/09/1909)

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Born: 00/00/1850 at Belfast Certified Father: Robert Hartley Rev. (08/03/1817 - 25/05/1892)
Died: 25/09/1909 Certified Mother: Jane Williamson (16/11/1814 - 18/07/1896)
Children: Charles Stewart Buzacott Hartley (30/04/1880 - 15/09/1902)
Emily Christiana Hartley (13/11/1881 - 27/02/1923)
Sarah Isobel Hartley (25/09/1883 - 05/10/1885)
Robert Lister Whiteford Hartley (08/08/1885 - 00/09/1976)
George Williamson Hartley (05/01/1888 - 23/06/1917)
Jane Verney Hartley (15/11/1889 - 10/06/1930)
John William Murray Hartley (02/12/1891 - 09/01/1917)
Sarah Louise Esther Hartley (16/01/1897 - 02/12/1984)
Siblings: Jane Elizabeth Hartley (Died 01/12/1877)
(female) Hartley
Anna Christiana Hartley (00/00/1840 - 02/05/1874)
William James Hartley (21/04/1845 - 31/08/1898)
Robert Taylor Hartley (30/01/1848 - 00/00/1918)

Sarah Ann Buzacott on 22/07/1879 at Queensland, Australia Certified


Rev Robert Hartley and family came to Australia on board the ship "Echo". It departed from London and arrived in Sydney on 22 June 1860. The family members that came with him were: Mrs Jane Hartley, Miss AC Hartley, Master WJ Hartley, Master RT Hartley, Master SW Hartley and Miss Jane E Hartley. (Source:

Occupation in 1896: Business Manager and partner in the firm McIllwaith & Hartley, proprietors of 'The Morning Bulletin'.

Stewart arrived in Rockhampton in 1864 with his father, Rev. Robert Hartley. He was born in Belfast (one source - Rockhampton: A History of City and District by Lorna McDonald, claims he was born in 1850 and came to Sydney with his parents 10 years later, and then moved to Rockhampton in 1864). After leaving school young Stewart entered the mercantile firm of Captain R.M.Hunter where he remained for 15 years. In January 1884 he became a co-proprietor of the 'Morning Bulletin' with William McIllwraith. Hartley left journalism and editing to this partner, but he was an excellent business manager and so the arrangement worked well for many years. In 1896 he left the Bulletin and together with Hardie Buzacott, bought the 'Northern Argus' newspaper. Hartley was very popular with the Bulletin staff who presented him with an illuminated address enclosed in a handsome morocco case. It was signed by 28 staff and employees headed by McIlwraith and Blair. The Argus offered a way out for Hartley, for it seems that McIlwraith's conservative policies had been an hindrance to his political ambitions for some time. It 1893 it was claimed that Hartley was not elected as Mayor because of McIlwraith's frequent criticism of the aldermen. By this time Stewart Hartley was one of Rockhampton's most priminent citizens and there was scarcely an organisation of which he was not a member or chairman. The Argus changed its name to the "Daily Record" on 1st January 1897. It has been published ever since as an evening paper.

Stewart Hartley married Sarah Ann, eldest daughter of Charles Hardie Buzacott, in July 1879. They had 3 sons and 3 daughters. Four years after his marriage, Stewart acquired Buzacott's interest in the Bulletin and J Bird, who was on the Bulletin staff for half a centuary summed up the general feeling of the majority when he said that Stewart Hartley was "one of the finest fellows that ever walked".

At the time of his death he was president of the Hospital Committee, he had been an alderman for 10 years and served one term as Mayor in 1895, had given many years of service to the Chamber of Commerce, the Rockhampton Grammar School, the Bridge Board, the Agricultural Society and the Cemetery Trust. He had been appointed ot the Royal Commission on Local Government and was also a candidate (unsuccessful) in two general elections. His service to the Primitive Methodist Church and his Lodge membership were two important aspects of his life. (Source: Rockhampton: A History of City and District by Lorna McDonald)

Stewart was one of the best oarsmen on the river and was the Hon. Treasurer of the Fizroy Rowing Club (now Rockhampton Rowing Club) which was formed on 5 September 1877. The regatta of the Club was held on the Queen's Birthday in 1878. Stewart was at the bow of the Senior Pairs race and was No. 2 in the Senior Fours.

He died at Boonah at the age of 58.

1n 1903, the President of the Rockhampton Chamber of Commerce was TH Hill and the Vice Presidents were T Kelly, SW Hartley and W Burns. Source:

Youngest son of Rev. Robert Hartley and one of the original trustees of the Hartley Memorial Church. He was the Circuit Steward and Trustee for 28 years and planted memorial trees in 1923 in the church yard. [Trees no longer there]

Stewart Williamson Hartley born in 1857 in Rockhampton, QLD, married Sarah Ann Buzacott (born 1859, Sydney) on 22 July 1879 in Rockhampton. Sarah Ann died on 30 Nov 1942 in Rockhampton. They had 7 children.

Stewart William Hartley, male, 58, Methodist, 27.09.1909, Section 1, Grave 1318....and he is not in the QLD BDM disc (Source: Rockhampton Cemetery Lookups - via email)

Marriage Ref: 1879/B006570

Qld Public Service Index states in 1879 he was also Secretary - Rockhampton Orphanage.

Death Ref: 1909/001200

Gravestone says he died at Boonah on 25 September 1909. - website says:

Record Printing was founded in 1898 by Stewart Hartley & W.H. Buzacott. Messrs Hartley & W.H. Buzacott owned The Daily Record Newspaper and recognised a niche existed for a reliable, high quality commercial printed operation to supplement their newspaper's operation.

In 1899 Record Printing moved from The Daily Record Newspaper into a three-storeyed building at 179 East Street, Rockhampton, where it remained until 1974. After being purchased by Capricornia Newspapers, producers of Rockhampton's Morning Bulletin, Record Printing was moved to a new location at 56 Denham Street.

Local printers and stationers, Sisley & Sons, purchased Record Printing in 1989 and then sold it to the current owner, Ken Merry in 1990. We operate from our factory in William Street Rockhampton, located conveniently near to the CBD. Our staff of eleven includes creative qualified designers and award winning printers.

Stewart Williamson and his wife Sarah Ann resided at Waterview, 76 Quay Street, Rockhampton in 1903. Stewart's occupation was listed as a journalist. Source: electoral rolls.

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