Abraham Robertson Byram

(00/00/1826 - 20/02/1893)

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Born: 00/00/1826 Certified Father: James Byram (Born 00/00/0000)
Died: 20/02/1893 Certified Mother: Mary Robertson
Children: Maria Freeman Byram (00/00/1849 - 06/11/1938)
Elizabeth Byram (30/03/1854 - 14/10/1920)
William James Byram (03/12/1861 - 10/03/1922)
George Elliot Byram (17/09/1865 - 29/09/1875)

Elizabeth Freeman Elliott on 00/00/1872 at Queensland, Australia Certified


Born approx: 1826

Abram Byram came to Australia at the age of 27, from Northumberland, England, with wife Elizabeth Byram (age 27) and daughter Maria Byram (aged 3), on the ship 'Parsee' on 17 January 1853 (Location IMM/115, Page 46, M/f no. M1696 - Queensland State Archives).

His occupation on the shipping records is 'Joiner' and his religion was listed as Church of England.

On 4 February 1880 his occupation was recorded in the Courier Mail newspaper as a builder.


* Was Alderman Brisbane Municipal Council 1877 - 1888.
* Was Mayor Brisbane Municipal Council 1883.
* Served on Improvement Committee 1879, 1881.
* Served on Legislative Committee 1879 - 1881, 1883.
* Served on Finance Committee 1878, 1880, 1882, 1887.
* Served on Works Committee 1883, 1888.
* Served on Health Committee 1888.
* Served on Town Hall Committee 1885, 1886.

Byram Street at New Farm is named after Abraham R Byram. Source: http://genforum.genealogy.com/cgi-bin/pageload.cgi?byram::australia::44167.html

He founded the RSPCA in Queensland and was the President of the Society. Taken from RSPCA website: "The Queensland Society was first formed at a meeting in the Chamber of Commerce, Town Hall, Brisbane on 11 September 1876. Unfortunately, public interest was low and the Society folded. On 23 August 1883, the Society was reformed under the Presidency of the Mayor of Brisbane, Alderman A R Byram."

Marriage Ref: 1872/C000560

Death Ref: 1893/B025757 (Source: QLD BDM website - Note: Name was entered on website Alram Robertson - most likely translated wrong from Abram on the old records when entered onto the database. Abram was a shortened version of Abraham.)

Burried in Toowong Cemetery on 21/02/1893.

Burried in the same grave as: George Elliot Byram, Elizabeth Freeman Byram and William James Byram.

Queensland State Archives Index to Wills - 1857 to 1900: BYRAM Abram Robertson, Will Number: 7531 QSA, Location: SCT/P246, Microfilm Number: Z179 (Source: http://www.archives.qld.gov.au/downloads/Indexes/Wills%20AAROE%20to%20COLLEY.pdf)

Note to self: One one set of the shipping records listed on a private website, Abram, Elizabeth and Maria's surname is listed as Byran, not Byram. On the same ship that they came over on, was another woman named Mary Byran who was 22, a Domestic Servantand came from North Shields, Northumberland. She was also Church of England and could both read and write. She is listed as being single. I shall investigate further if she was a relative (possibly a sister to Abraham) who came over with their family.

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Alderman Abraham Robertson Byram
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