Gladys Caroline Gowen

(15/02/1896 - 13/06/1953)

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Born: 15/02/1896 at Brisbane, Queensland Certified Father: Alfred James Gowen (23/06/1863 - 17/06/1910)
Died: 13/06/1953 Certified Mother: Mary Cocks (14/07/1865 - 09/06/1949)
Children: Siblings: Percy Norman Gowen (28/09/1889 - 26/08/1966)
Ethyl May Gowen (12/09/1892 - 27/06/1936)

Alfred James Miller on 17/12/1921 at New Farm, Qld Certified


Born: 15/2/1896

According to an entry on her details are as follows:
Born: 16 April 1905, Brisbane, Qld
Death: 16 May 1950, Ipswich, Queensland
Burried: 18 May 1950, Brisbane, Queensland
(Film No. 537390)
But that information is WRONG!!!

Gladys Caroline Miller was burried in the Toowong Cemetery on 16/05/1953 aged 57 years.
Portion 10, Section 76, Grave Number 66.
She is burried in the same grave as Alfred James Miller.

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Gladys Gowen
Gladys Gowen
Ethyl Gowen and Gladys Gowen (sisters)
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